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How to Pack for Your First African Safari

If you’ve booked your first safari with Namibia Tracks & Trails or are in your final planning stages before booking, you’re probably wondering what to pack. If you’ve never been on a safari, you might be imagining a packing list of survivalist essentials. But with Namibia Tracks and Trails, time spent on one of our […]

Where and When to See Your Favorite Animals Across Namibia

Our home here in Namibia has a vast offering of rich experiences you’ll never forget: From the breathtaking landscapes of the salt pans, sand dunes, and coastlines to unforgettable food, cultural exchanges, and more. But perhaps the most remarkable treasure our country has to offer is the wildlife that, like us, calls this land their […]

Glamping in Namibia? Wait Until You See This

Glamping is a popular new trend in modern travel, where you can experience the raw beauty of the natural world while still holding onto the creature comforts of staying in a high-end hotel. The term glamping is a hybrid of “camping” and “glamour” — aka, luxury camping. Plush beds, tasteful décor, elegant lighting, access to […]

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